Insistent Doesn’t Cut It.

As I’m on the subject of messages I recall a guy called “Gary” (names have been changed to protect the guilty) from Blackpool. He messaged me and as this was early on I replied which gave him what he thought was a green light. He said he’d meet me anytime, drive anywhere, not a problem, but to be polite I said I was looking for someone in my area as I didn’t drive so it would be unfair to expect him to drive to Manchester. He insisted this was not a problem, I insisted it was unfair. “You’ve not even given our love a chance!! I’m coming to Manchester!!” he insisted. “Gary it is not a good idea as I am really looking for someone in my area!” He was not put off. “Well I don’t care what you think I’m coming to Manchester!” ┬áReally? Is that what you think Gary? “Ok I’ve been polite but this is how it is. you’re blocked.” Needless to say our romance is over.