Not Sure This Is For Me.

As I’m stretched out reclining on my favourite bit of rock as I’m a mermaid and I’m not fishing for anyone, another couple of messages I’ve had come to mind. I received one once from a guy who called himself “Barking Mad” the clue is most definitely  in the name. I checked his profile and he had quite a few pics of himself doing what he probably thinks are mad crazy things. One of his pics  was in the snow with his summer clothes on and  another of him in a dustbin  Anyway he messaged a couple of times and as by now I realised  that there’s no point replying unless you’re interested I ignored them. The fourth message was abrupt. “Who do you think you are? You’re not worthy of being in a relationship with me!” I chose to ignore it and then I had another one. “At least have some manners and reply!” so I did. “I think you might be a bit too wild and wacky for me I’m afraid.” He sent his reply ” Explain! Don’t go quiet like 90% of women on here.” but I ignored it.  After a couple more messages (some people don’t know when to shut up) I decided to reply. ” I’ve not been on this site for long but I’ve realised if I message someone and they don’t reply it’s because they’re not interested. Have some dignity and as for having no manners it is in fact YOU with no manners as you’re the one bombarding someone with abusive messages!” Needless to say our romance is over…

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