When You’re In The 99% Shallow Club.

Hi peeps I’m not sure if all of you realise the age group of my would be suitors. We’re looking at between 48 and 55 yrs old. Hopefully the younger end but let’s face it most men when they get older want someone younger than themselves so that explains why I seem to be attracting  over 60’s.  That said women seem to age better than men so some of these guys could be mistaken for fossils, anyway after posting my profile (and pics) I waited for messages. At first I replied to all of them, not knowing the rules (obviously) and I was being polite believe me I soon stopped that! One or two were a bit upset after sending me a message and I hadn’t replied quick enough. One guy even said “You are now officially in my 99% shallow club” Wow, and guess what I still didn’t reply! So the next day he sent another message. “Sorry about that but I’ve been messed around on this site can we start again?”  After a couple of days I had yet another message from him as apparently I was messing him about, I was shallow and he didn’t want to know anymore so I let him have it. “Excuse me for not replying within the hour but it’s difficult when I’m working as some of us don’t have the luxury of being able to be on our computer 24 hours a day which has probably been paid for with your incapacity benefits but you are now unable to message me as you’ll find you’re blocked.” And that was that.