And We’re Off!

Ok I think it’s time to start at the beginning, so before you get to know about my dates I think you need to understand a little bit about the dating website I’m on. This is a free website (a very popular one) so that in itself means you’re going to get a few shall we say freaks and geeks. I’ve never been on a dating site and my lovely gay flatmate was the one to encourage me. “Put a profile on but NO PICS!!” “Why?” I asked. “Because believe it or not you will get the desperate who will respond to just anybody so when you’ve weeded out those then you put pics up”. So I did just that. But before I did a profile I did a bit of research I went on to the women’s site to see what my competition was. Have to say there are some very attractive ladies out there but they all seem to be looking for “genuine,loyal,trustworthy”. Girls! We’re not at Battersea Dogs Home are we, these attributes should be a given  not what you’re looking for. Don’t you want someone who makes your heart stop, can’t breathe, makes you nervous and definitely want to rip his clothes off!  Or is that just me? Anyway the upshot was I spent ages doing a funny profile while at the same time not giving too much away about myself.  Looking at the men’s profiles  they all seem to be similar to the women’s. “Are you my soulmate?” “Looking for the one” “Stop! You’ve found me!. “Someone to make me smile again” Sorry mate with a face like that I certainly wouldn’t be smiling again but you get the picture. So I just sat back and waited……..