Age is just a number……right?

I try my best I really do but these guys in their late 40`s just aren`t having it….I`ve messaged a few this week and not one has replied (bastards) but thinking about it I suppose it`s the same for some of the older guys who message me.But it`s hard to get enthusiastic about someone who messages you and after the initial (same) conversation about where do you live/work/breathe and asking when you`re free…”I`m free next Wednesday lunchtime as it happens”… get the reply “Oh no! That`s when I`m having my cataract operation!” I don`t know about you but it sort of puts me off a bit as it`s a reminder that I`d be dating someone a bit older and everything that comes with it……I`d always be wondering if they never turned up are they actually in intensive care (for whatever reason)?? So I sort of understand why the younger guys are a bit cautious about dating someone a bit older but it`s all about mind set I think. I work with a lot of younger people and that definately helps but after having a day out at Blackpool and having our palms read hubby was in a good mood so when “B” messaged with some reference to my profile hubby nagged me to give him a chance…..”He`s 58 and he seems an OLD 58″…..hubby wasn`t impressed with my attitude so I messaged back and two sentences later he gave me his number asking me to ring.
A couple of days later I rang him and as soon as he answered I knew…..old. He made a couple more references to my profile so I had to explain “B”…`s not real it`s tongue in cheek,it`s a joke. Surely you know that?” “Oh yes I do but what was it you said, the acres of lawns need cutting. You`re in luck I`ve just bought a new lawn-mower!!” Now I realise this was B`s way of trying to be funny but believe me I would not be able to endure 5 minutes of that over coffee but what to say? So I just took the coward`s way and said I was off to work and must speak soon…….needless to say our romance is over….
And then there are the guys in their 50`s who still act like teenagers with no kids, travel a lot (usually Thailand) who actually brag about how much partying they do in Ibiza and no,….that`s not attractive either which brings me to someone who sends me the odd message now and again. We`ve only had a short conversation and this guy has asked me out (to which I`ve agreed) weeks ago and nothing`s happened. Apparently he`s had some surgery which requires a long healing process and he`ll take me out when he`s ready which initially was June but now has been changed to August. Obviously I forget until I get a message usually late at night when I`m on POF…”Get to bed”….”Oh?” “It`s far too late or is some-one still fishing?” Hmmm…..he doesn`t know yet but that date has just been cancelled.
Or sometimes you`ll be chatting to someone and they`ll say “Oh sorry! Forgot you`re looking for some-one younger than me, I`m 60”, sorry guys…..won`t play that game won`t even reply to that, think what you want as there was no reason at all to say that.
But if anyone`s wondering about what gypsy Zsa Zsa said in Blackpool let`s just say hubby`s got those marks on his bedroom wall that prisoners have when they`re marking off the months before freedom.Apparently she told him he would meet some-one in 18 months……….Hmmm……