Is there a beach in the Greater Manchester area? Anywhere….at all? Am I missing some shingle going on outside Selfridges…..or a stretch of golden grains by the side of  the Manchester ship canal? The reason I ask is the amount of guys on “Plenty Of Frogs” who say that strolling along a sandy shore is something they would like to do on a date…and seeing as how we all live in Greater Manchester I was just wondering where this local beach actually is.A few have even mentioned it as an “interest” rather like a hobby which means that they must get to do this sometimes.(or are they just saying it to be romantic….) The only time we would ever get to walk hand in hand on a golden beach on a first date guys is…the Isle of Fernando`s!! And that ain`t going to happen is it?? But I`m spoiling the fun aren`t I….I`m supposed to be impressed and think what a lovely thing to say….don`t they realise us mermaids prefer rocks………

2 thoughts on “Beaches

  1. In between Mytholmroyd and Littleborough on Blackstone edge in the Pennines, there is the highest beach in England but I suppose it would be a bit too cold to stroll on there. A man who likes to 'adventure' might like it though

  2. Jaq – the manchester 'man made beach is in Castlefields, near Alberts shed – just for future reference, if you fancy a stroll this summer! (chuckles) xx

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