Outside of the Box.

It`s about time I started to give people a chance that I normally wouldn’t, apparently. I realise that at my age I can’t keep going for a physical type anymore because let’s face it most men have lost their looks by now so you have to hope that they’ve got a personality to make up for it, so when “T” messaged me I was prepared to maybe compromise on a couple of things, A big plus was the fact that he was into Northern Soul. I’ve not really chatted to anyone on POF who’s into that and though I don’t really want to get involved with anyone who goes to events every weekend as I’d end up getting bored, T assured me that he didn’t. What I did notice though was that on each picture of him his hair was a different shade of gingery brown, not my usual type at all but as I was trying to give other guys I wouldn’t normally bother with a chance, I arranged to meet him for a drink outside a bar in town one Tuesday afternoon.
After waiting for him for about 10 minutes I received a txt. “I’m inside, on the left dressed in black” so in I went where I found him easily enough and he’d already got a drink waiting for me. Once we got chatting it turned out that yes he did go to events every single weekend which is of course entirely up to him, but then we got chatting about rare records. T has a book which he uses when he goes looking for records in charity shops and this book is a list of every record ever made and what that record would be worth now so it’s a bit like a bible for someone looking to buy and sell vinyl. After about 15 minutes of T telling me what such and such a record is worth because only 3 were made in a shed in the outback I started to get a bit worried, this was a very big book after all. Changing the subject I asked him about his hair colour. “I like to experiment with box colours from the poundshop but try to keep it looking as natural as I can.” I couldn’t be bothered telling him that it clearly wasn’t working but as we were talking I couldn’t help but think there was something not quite right on his face then I realised when I looked closer, his eyebrows were pencilled on. Not full on drag queen, just a bit but definitely pencilled. At this point I called it a day with some lame excuse or other and as we both got up he was clearly a couple of inches shorter than me, not the 5ft 10 he said he was on his profile, no wonder he was already in the place and sat down before he txt me. I think he knew that we wouldn’t be meeting again but he’s certainly not the worst guy I’ve ever met I was just disappointed and while I’m open to meeting someone who doesn’t fit everything on a check list some things just aren’t acceptable, pencilled on eyebrows being one of them.

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