When Grown Ups Still Play With Dolls.

Watching a documentary about men buying “real dolls”had me laughing out loud at the so called relationship they seem to think that they have with a lump of silicone. One that they’ve actually paid a lot of money for after stipulating which eye/hair/skin colour they would prefer and finally settling on a name for their new friend. Some guys clearly buy them just for the sex and dress the dolls to look like hookers which gives you a good indication of how that particular man views women, but some men treat the dolls as if they truly are some sort of companion which is also a bit worrying.And as I’m ridiculing them and thinking that no way would a woman do that I had to remind myself that actually they do.
Some women buy “reborn” dolls that look like real babies for a variety of reasons.Some of these women may have lost a child/grandchild/younger sibling so this is a way of replacing them and maybe a way of coping with loss.But I reckon that a lot of these are older ladies who have grown up children who have left home leaving them with a sense of loss..Everybody’s heard of empty nest syndrome and while it can be explained, you’ve no idea how it feels until you experience it yourself.
For most women being a mum will be the best/worst job ever and even though you will always have the title,you are in fact now redundant which can have an odd effect on some ladies.They’re no longer needed,valued and maybe the only thing that defines them has gone. So it’s easy to understand why some women go looking for a replacement, real or otherwise in a bid to recapture all the feelings of having someone dependent on you.
In other words,someone to love.
While men go about it a different way in buying a doll that enables them to have sex,they will say that a doll can’t give them the companionship they want,and as these are usually older men who have these dolls you’d like to think that women of a similar age would run a mile if they found out that their new boyfriend had a couple of plastic girlfriends hidden in the wardrobe.But when it comes down to it,the guys don’t want a real girlfriend.They’re quite happy with a doll that doesn’t have a mind of it’s own, answer back, or leave them.And obviously won’t say no to sex whenever/wherever.
But not every woman wants a silicone baby when the kids have left home. There was a time when I could usually be found at Pets at Home looking at hamsters,,,,