Oops Sorry, Wrong Number.

Sometime last week in the early hours of one morning I received a text from an unknown number, but I was pretty sure it was likely to be from either a guy I’ve already dated, or someone I’ve been chatting with online and as I was just drifting off I wasn’t about to get into an exchange at that time, so next morning I replied asking who it was.
He must have been a bit surprised that I’d not kept his number as he was quick to reply with “Oops sorry,wrong number but how are you anyway?” I had a feeling I knew who this was when his next text was a picture.Only one guy sent me pictures,usually of himself in his hot tub and showing off his well kept gardens and this was the guy who let me down on the last Bank Holiday with a migraine.”Yeah thought it was you Tom,Dick or whatever it is you’re calling yourself these days.” This one used two different names and he’s not the only one who does this but he didn’t seem upset by the insult and went on to say that he missed our chats and the laughs we had as apparently everyone is too serious.”You had your chance mate.Not the migraine as that couldn’t be helped but the vague re-arrangements that were made for a couple of days later only for you to text me and say that we could have been out that evening.It either happens or it doesn’t,please don’t send me random texts ever again.In fact,delete my number as I’ve clearly deleted yours.” Oh he didn’t like that and got a bit nasty so in the end I had to block him but I don’t believe for one minute that he sent that text to the wrong number he was clearly hoping for a third chance.As if.
While we’re on the subject of online dating does anyone else message guys first? I just think if he seems to tick a lot of boxes,has a few pics,writes a decent profile then why not? Some guys might want to get in touch with you but might be a bit shy so will be over the moon if you do it first.Or I have had the opposite effect on men where I have messaged them and I am clearly not what they want (idiots) so they don’t message back, but that’s ok because I also do the same to men I’m not interested in.
This week I’m in contact with a man who is a “top ten prospect” and I loved the fact he has taken time and effort over his profile but I have a sneaky suspicion that he’s chatting with a few different women (like everyone does but that’s fine) as he’s not really saying anything about meeting up.Let’s face it,the last time I had a pen pal was in school so I’m not really into emailing for days on end and I’m starting to lose interest, so unless he makes noises about meeting him then I’ll end up just deleting him,harsh but true.
For god’s sake,don’t men recognise a goddess when they see one?