One of our Dinosaurs is missing…….

Sometimes I can go a few weeks in between dates as believe it or not, it`s not that easy to actually secure a date.You can be chatting on-line then either one of us could get bored, or sometimes the person you`re getting on with just disappears and I have had the odd one who in the time between arranging a date and actually meeting has met someone else…..I know,how the hell does that happen? But I was looking forward to meeting “K” as we`d been having really good banter. Arranging to meet one lunchtime he was easy to spot as he did look a lot like his photo except his (grey) hair was in a really trendy style which didn`t match the rest of him. Anyway we went into the pub and he was soon checking out the young barmaids when he said “I know all the young barmaids in the pubs I go to” (I would imagine that`s quite a few as he`s an ex-copper) “I tell them all….I`m not an old git like my golfing mates, I`m on Twitter!” But you are an old git K because that hairstyle looks ridiculous on an older man especially when you`re wearing a fleece, not even a shirt! I stayed quiet.”I think a few of the girls actually fancy me!” Really K? And I think you`ve been affected by all the chemicals in the amount of hair gel you`ve been using….but never the less I listened to a few of his stories from when he was on the force and then eventually like they all do we got on to his ex who is by all accounts and let`s face it I`d never know, a 6 foot Lithuanian blonde who`s quite a few years younger than him. In fact she was only in her twenties when they met a few years ago but they only lasted 5 years because she was working too much. I was intrigued and he told me that Lithuanian women treat their men like kings….they look after them with having a meal ready when they get home. run them a bath., fetch and carry. in fact he actually said “They treat their men like our Mothers used to look after our Dads”….”You mean before Women`s Lib?You mean before women were encouraged to leave the home and go and work and not have to depend on men? Are you serious?” He was quick to reply, “Well if you put it like that, all I can say is I think personally all men want to be treated like Kings”  I asked the question “So…K. What happened to this little scenario? Something did otherwise you`d still be with her. Oh that`s right she got her independance and she liked it!” “Well yes, she started working and wasn`t always at home when I got in so I didn`t like it.” Un…be…lievable. Where`s that number for the Natural History Museum,I thought these guys were extinct! This guy doesn`t want anyone his own age, he`s too busy chasing after young barmaids which always surprises me that they even bother to message anyone over 30? The date wasn`t a total loss though, on the
way out I saw an old friend that I hadn`t seen for years so after making my excuses I spent the rest of the evening with her and her partner.  Which brings me to a message from someone this week. “Do you have a rabbit? And I don`t mean Brer”. After telling him to do one he replied “Sorry, didn`t mean to offend. Just a bit of fun” And POF reckon they have a 49% success rate with people finding their partner…….suppose it depends what you`re looking for.Another woman might have been thrilled with that message but I`m not that woman  but I`ll bet it won`t be that long before he does find that idiot who thinks he`s hilarious.            
Meanwhile back at Paradise Passage hubby`s swapped numbers with a really hot Spanish guy. Showing me his photos hubby explained “I`ve asked him why all of his photos show him with his top off. Apparently he was drunk” “So what`s the problem?” I asked.”We only swapped numbers yesterday and he`s txting me all the time….what time do I finish work/go to bed/get up when can we meet? It`s getting too much” I looked at him. “If that`s a problem, give him my number”………..