The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…

A couple of weeks ago I went to a speed dating event which was held in one of the trendy bars in town.I`d been wanting to do this for ages but was waiting for one with my age group, which believe it or not doesn`t happen very often.This particular event was aimed at 39-55 year olds so I was guessing that it would probably be more of the mid to late forties who would be there.
I arrived on time (even though the host didn`t, she was 30 minutes late) and spotted a very well dressed lady of a similar age to myself, standing in the doorway of the bar looking like she was waiting for someone. “Are you here for the speed dating?” I asked her.She gave me a withering look and replied “What? Speed dating? No I am not.Never have been and never will be, as I don`t have to.” Oh well bully for you missus and by the way, those shoes you`ve got on don`t go with that dress…
Finally we were all allowed to go upstairs to the private room (with a bar) and given name badges, pencil and a score card, the idea being you write the name down of the person you are chatting with, and write a brief description of them to jog your memory before filling in  the questionnaire on the speed dating website. All the women were to remain seated while the men moved onto the next lady to his left and you had four minutes to chat before the bell rang as a signal for the men to move on.
While waiting for the last people to arrive and our host to sort herself out, it was starting to look and feel a bit like being at the school disco.The men were all grouped together at one end of the room,and the women at the other, all the while weighing each other up.Chatting to a few of the women (who most of them had brought a friend) it was interesting to find out that this was a first time at one of these events for nearly everyone.I couldn`t wait to get started though and after realising two men hadn`t shown up (or not bought a ticket) our host made a start.
I`d decided not to ask anyone what their profession was as you run the risk of a conversation becoming a bit of a game of who has what and let`s face it, I`ll never win that game, so let`s just see where the conversation goes…Four minutes is a long time when the conversation is a bit stilted but on the other hand you can just be getting into your stride and getting interested,when the bell goes.Interestingly enough, three men made a point of telling me (without being asked) what they did for a living.One was a pilot, and two were doctors.One of the doctors told me his children had been to private school.Don`t get me started on that one.”Really? One of my children went to private school and I probably had to deal with more trouble that went on there than the other child that went to state sc hool.” It didn`t shut him up unfortunately.Another guy had a script.He asked me a question which was something along the lines of ” What`s the most exciting thing you`ve done?”  Christ, how long have you got?…He wasn`t interested in my answer though as he went into this story about Canada, bikes,cousins…”yawn”…and I heard him say the exact same thing to the woman sat next to me.
The evening came to an end and most people had gone but a group of women remained and one or two guys but I wasn`t interested in a post mortem so I made my excuses and left.The next day I put three ticks against three guys I`d like to see again and hoped I`d get a match.Unfortunately I didn`t get one….beginning to wonder if it`s because I said my profession was astronaut….