Christmas Cuddles

Someone told me (think it was hubby…he seems to know a lot about these things!) that nearer to xmas more people join dating agencies so they`re not on their own when the big day arrives.Don`t know if this is true but some profiles seem to suggest that it is.”Who wants cuddles for christmas?”is just one of them. A few more along the lines of “Let`s have a christmas together!”…”20 days to xmas!” Well you don`t need to be Carol Vorderman to work that one out sunshine…..and my favourite.”My lips are lonely this xmas..are yours?” I couldn`t resist….let`s have a quick peek at his photo….just as I thought. Let me tell you mate my lips will NEVER be planting any smackers on yours…!! But it makes me think what happens after? Would some deluded women be kicked to the kerb after New Year? Is there a shelter somewhere we should all be donating money to where women are helped by psychiatrists to explain to them that the men they fell for have multiple personalities? Because let`s face it there`s got to be something wrong with “Rob” who (by all accounts) “likes summer mornings,winter mornings,nights in,nights out,wants a woman who can make him laugh but who will devote all her time to him. In return he will treat her with affection and respect” Really Rob? Affection and respect…wow…let me sign that contract right now Tom Cruise….and I wonder why I`m on my own …(sigh)….

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