Hmm….the word makes you think of older women preying on younger men….and I have a theory about that.If it`s an older man with a younger girl he`s called a “dirty old man” etc for some reason it does seem more acceptable for women to date younger men.I think it`s a number of reasons why women do it….obviously they`re older….they might have recently come out of a long relationship/marriage and need to prove that they are still attractive to the opposite sex….so they might have lost some weight…new hairstyle…changed the way they dress….and need that male attention. I get it,I really do…..but Jesus I`m finding it hard enough to attract the attention of a decent man my own age never mind hitting on his son and nephews.But what if it`s the other way round? God forbid that men find older women attractive but guess what? Some of them actually pursue them…as I found out when I recieved this message from a MR.P……”I was kind of nervous about sending you this message,but thought “what the hell” you only live once!You are very attractive and look so much younger than 54 by the way. I`ve been single for about 4 years now and really enjoy it,however,I really do miss female company.I wondered if you would be interested in a casual friendship where we would meet up when and how we both want. Please don`t take offence to this,but I wouldn`t want it to go any further than that as I`m really happy being single. This doesn`t mean that I sleep around as that is not what I do or I`m looking for.I just want one nice lady to meet up with and have some fun on our terms. As I said,I reallyhope you`re not offended and appreciate my honesty,I also hopeyou don`t think the age difference is too much as I really don`t think it makes any difference for the type of friendship I`m looking for. If I don`t hear from you good luck in your search.x”  Mr P is 39 yrs old and I`m quite sure he does this often but I have to say….what a really nice and polite way of saying “I just want you for sex.”….. And no I`ve had to turn him down because don`t you see? I`ll break his heart……….

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  1. You should av given him a street map for whalley range. Lots of ladies who like his sort of fun but of course its not free there ! Could be our flasher lol x

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