Dave`s Finale

A few people have asked me did I ever see Dave again after the New Year`s Eve disaster…(as you may remember after being dropped off at a friend`s house on New Year`s Eve he never came back to take me back down to Bath…) well….hang on to your hats because this is a bumpy ride…. He had the good sense to lie low for quite a while after that episode and when he felt brave enough to lift his head above the parapet I`d actually left the country. Not too far away just to the Scilly Isles (appropriate name….even though Dave was an idiot I was a bigger one for putting up with him) on the lovely Isle of Tresco. It was beautiful. Working as a chambermaid in a 5 star hotel (so the tips were great just nowhere to spend your money) it was my idea of spending the summer.Before I left to go to Tresco I gave strict instructions that NO-ONE was to tell him where I was…but it still should have come as no surprise when I got a phone call after being there a couple of months. He`d changed….really had….was so sorry…..begged me to take him back….this went on for a few weeks and having spoken to the person who had told him where I was (she was convinced he`d changed) I agreed to leave Tresco and go back to Manchester. The plan was Dave was to meet me off the train at Piccadilly……the train pulled in….I got off……guess what…..no Dave.I must admit I was a bit concerned but nevertheless made my way to my friend`s house where I was staying. The next day I was chatting with my friend when the phone went…yep….it was him. ” Hey Jac just thought I`d better let you know…I`ve been thinking and I`ve changed my mind about wanting you back.See ya.”….and that boys and girls was the last time I never saw him!!