Forget Looks and Personality.

The question is for me are they homophobic and/or a misogynist? As everyone knows my absolute dealbreaker is a guy who`s homophobic but sometimes I come across a guy who hates gays and also doesn`t like women.And they`re on all my dating sites as it`s usually a generation thing, so, lucky old me.
A misogynist usually has no women friends and doesn`t take women seriously.I can only imagine that it goes back to how they saw the way their father treated their own mother.Guys my age probably grew up with seeing how little respect was given to the woman who kept the household going as no one had a mum who actually had a career.She might have had a part time job to help with the finances but only if it didn`t interfere with cleaning,cooking and looking after the main man.Women had more children then so that also meant they wouldn`t be doing much outside the home.Not earning their own money meant being dependant on the main breadwinner so even if they were in a bad marriage they would have felt that they couldn`t go anywhere,so it`s not really surprising that men my age have little respect for women.
Having said that we are now in 2014 and it`s a whole lot better now for women who want it all.Unless you`re dating older men that is.
A guy actually cancelled on a date we had later today when after asking who did I live with, I told him.I could of course have just said I have a male housemate but this is my litmus paper test.A man`s response to being told my male housemate is gay will tell me a lot about him before I`ve met him.I might have to learn some first aid in what to do if someone has a stroke because one of these days I`ll be on a date when someone asks me who I share with.If he`s being particularly obnoxious about it I might just throw in the fact that I have a gorgeous gay son as well.That could really tip them over the edge…
So unfortunately,homophobia and misogyny are still alive and well and living in the small minded, ignorant,vile older bastards that keep popping up now and again.
Meanwhile, back at Paradise Passage, hubby’s knackered after going to watch Kylie the other night,Too much dancing,vodka,and snogging DJ’s apparently…and why not?