Manners Maketh The Man…….

I know that there are books about on-line dating which give you tips on the do`s and don`ts such as “Red flags! Avoid at all costs if a guy does/says XY&Z! Meet in a public place! Tell people where you are!” All well and good but none seem to cover the everyday stuff like replying to messages….do you reply to every one you get so as not to seem rude? Or not? Because believe me you`re damned if you do and damned if you don`t…….Back at the start I replied to all messages ( being polite) until I realised to some guys a reply, even a negative one, is a green light so I stopped that and only replied if I was interested. So,I get accused of being rude and stuck-up if I don`t reply to “Hi”.or “Hey sexy how`s your day?” or even ” I`m much better looking in real life”.But I`m not losing too much sleep over it which brings me to a couple of young ladies I know who recently went to one of those Match Mingle nights. It was in a very nice bar in the centre of town and one of the ladies was very keen to go ( she`s currently on Match) and dragged the other one along as her wing-man but neither one knew what to expect. Apparently it was quite a good turn out for a Tuesday night but it wasn`t long before a guy wandered over and began chatting to them.”I” was chatting to the wing-man (in her twenties) who more than made it plain she wasn`t looking for anyone but he wasn`t listening….He asked what it was that impressed a girl on a first date. “Being a gentleman. It ticks a massive box for me. I think a guy should be a gentleman on a first date and pay for drinks, you don`t have to take a girl out for a 3 course meal but I would be impressed with someone offering to pay “. Now this guy (38) is clearly interested in this girl but so far he`s not offered to give her the time of day never mind a drink and after standing there chatting for half an hour he still hadn`t. “I`d like your number” he said.Unfortunately a girl who`d latched on to this party had also asked the wing-man for her number and he`d overheard this so she`d felt a bit uncomfortable saying to him “No”. The next day she got a couple of txts from him saying how much he`d enjoyed meeting her, would like to see her,etc…..and no she didn`t reply. Hopefully he`ll get the message that he should have been a gentleman. But I myself feel a bit reluctant to give out my number to someone I`ve been chatting to on-line. Don`t know why but I always think there will be that one idiot who won`t leave you alone and I was proved right a couple of weeks ago but for entirely different reasons.I thought I`d been chatting to a nice guy when one night in the early hours I got a txt.”Who do you think you are? Someone f*****g special? There`s far nicer women on here than you!”I didn`t respond but couldn`t turn my phone off as my alarm was set on it for work next day. Abusive txts carried on for the next half hour but I was amazed….all I can think of is this guy`s been out and come back drunk but what an idiot??
This week has been a bit busy with dating believe it or not and on Thursday I met “C” who was a really nice guy who had 3 daughters. We met in the evening which isn`t the best as it could seem like a long time if you`re not getting on but the first hour was fine and then the conversation dried up and we both ended up watching the football on the big screen….have to say I was getting a bit fed up as it was like listening to Sally in Corrie as his whole conversation was about “the girls” so I was a bit surprised to get this txt this morning.”Hi J I enjoyed your company the other night but it wasn`t until you said that I should try going to the singles nights that I realised we hadn`t clicked”. Really? You didn`t realise when we were both sat in silence watching the football?
Meanwhile back at the ranch hubby`s got a theory why he`s gone from Mr.Popular to no messages at all….”I`ve gone from chatting with 3 or 4 to none at all” he said.”But I think I know why.It`s Manchester Pride this weekend and they`ll all want to be single for that. Let`s see what happens next week after it`s all over!” And he`s probably right…….