Married Muppets

Some guys actually tell you this on their profile….but it will have no picture! “Unhappily married but not looking to rock the boat. Just looking for fun and friendship..”.”Looking for company,chat and a laugh for part of the day while out walking my two dogs.If you`re out and about walking your dog maybe we could take the same path? Sounds daft but trying to organise a “chance” meeting. Get in touch…anyone….” And this guy “I got married before Christ and got crucified at the same time. My marriage is like the Titanic….sinking fast,need someone to save me.” And my favourite “I`m a movie director in Atlanta USA but lives in Bolton,(that`s funny….I`m a movie star but live in Salford) Just looking for someone to take on holiday,but no grumpy cows who look for silly arguements,” There are of course the men who don`t tell you that they`re married…”Can`t post a picture on here it won`t let me for some reason but I can send you one to your mobile or any email address”….some say they are seperated but their wives haven`t been told yet! But this guy summed it all up…..
Guys! There are easier ways of finding out if  your wife is misbehaving than creating false accounts on here,however…if you do decide to do that make sure you do NOT get your false profiles mixed up by sending her a message from your female profile to your wife, and a message from your false male profile to the bloke you think she`s seeing! Also after hacking into your wife`s account do not automatically think that every guy who has viewed or messaged your wife has been exploring her chesticles os surveying her oasis of paradise. My advice is to grow a pair and talk to her!…..
This should be so straightforward, older people looking to date and meet someone, but everyone`s a player………