Neighbours…Remember When? Part One.

Found out last week that one of our neighbours is probably going to move away in the near future as his circumstances have changed for the better.This made me feel a bit sad as he’s a really good neighbour to have,knows everything that’s going on.Some people might call this being nosy but let me tell you, we all need neighbours like that as they’ll be the ones going over to your place when they see a van outside your house,a man get out of it with a lawnmower to start mowing your lawn, and another guy inside your house emptying the contents into the van and they’ll stand there and demand to know what’s going on.But this got me thinking of past neighbours I’ve had,good and bad,and as Christmas is approaching I remember a particular girl who caused havoc for me one night…and resulted in me calling the police.
It was years ago,when the kids were quite young and the weekend between Christmas and New Year when there’s always a few parties going on and J had obviously been to one of these when she came banging on my door at  3-30 in the morning demanding that I let her have her kids back.
She lived a couple of streets away and was a friend of a friend who I used to see at the school gates and occasionally had a conversation with her.Neither of her two girls were friends with my two children so there was no reason for her to think that she.d left them at my house that night.But she wasn’t having it and insisted I had them in the house and she was trying to get in to get them.The front door had a glass panel so as she was trying to smash it I had no choice but to call the police.
They soon arrived and in the meantime the next door neighbour had ran outside with a baseball bat ready for action after the noise had woken the whole street up.J was put inside a car and taken to the police station but as she was so insistent that her girls were in my house, the police had to search it from top to bottom.
Next day J’s friend phoned me to say that “J is having trouble remembering what happened last night but she thinks that she has to apologise for something.” “But she can’t remember?”I asked.”She says not”.”Then the apology means nothing.Tell you what.Let her know I’ll be round at her place later and I’ll be happy to remind her”.When I went round to her house she uttered the immortal words “Whatever you have to say,not in front of the kids”.This from a woman who’d woken mine up in the early hours with screaming,swearing,and trying to smash her way in to our house.
Where were her girls after all that?.She’d left them at the party she’d been at before she came staggering to my house….