Is there a full moon this week?? Only because I`ve had a couple of guys chasing me this week who seem a bit…shall we say….unstable.First one “P” left me a message “Do you swim?”  (well I`m a mermaid so it`s safe to say yes I do) Looking at his profile P was a lifeguard at his local swimming baths….at 61…..but I don`t think David Hasselhoff has anything to worry about. He`s just come out of a 3 year relationship 4 weeks ago and is looking for someone long term…..he`s hoping to move abroad next year as he`ll be entitled to pension credit top-ups. He`s trying to swim the channel but is hoping to do it at his local baths. Anyway….I didn`t reply but have had a couple of messages since….”It`s been 3 days since I left you a message are you very busy?”……”You`ve still not replied. I have my own house if you`d like to come and stay”. Don`t hold your breath P….(except under water of course)…I won`t be replying any time soon!      Second one “B” left a message “When are you free?” Looking at his profile which had only the one picture (I always find that odd) his longest relationship had been a year so that wasn`t a good sign. I didn`t reply but then recieved another message “I can meet up any time,any place just let me know “…after another 5 messages I replied “Look,I`m really busy,sorry” This guy must be dyslexic because he obviously read it as “Can`t wait to meet you” as he replied “I`m in Dubai in a couple of days ring me on this number xxxxxx” Didn`t reply so another one….”Ring me!” Then another “RING ME NOW!” This wasn`t funny I could see I was going to end up blocking him but just before I did he`d sent another message “I`ve changed my picture have a look.Did I tell you I`m a director?” I don`t care what you are in your little world B….because you won`t be bothering me! Just keep taking the tablets…….