“Shame on you!!”

Back in the day when I`d just started on this (ahem) wonderful dating website and I was replying to messages, I ended up having a few interesting conversations with a gentleman  whom I shall name “B”….he seemed really nice and nothing was ever mentioned about meeting up or exchanging numbers so I assumed he wasn`t interested and just wanted to chat to people. ( I know…it`s a dating website but there you go……I also think people confuse it with that programme “Dating in the Dark” the amount of profiles with NO PICTURE!!!)  After a couple of weeks B said we wouldn`t be chatting any more as he`d met a lovely lady and so was taking his profile off. “Good luck…hope it works out” I told him. Imagine my surprise when afew weeks later he sent me a message “Unfortunately it`s not worked out…how are you?” I replied and so the conversations started again. Within a couple of days B asked a question..”There`s a good horror film I want to go and see…do you want to go and see it with me?” Well I hadn`t seen this coming but I wasn`t interested in becoming his girlfriend so I declined his offer.Another message….”How about a drink then?” I politely declined again……”This isn`t going too well is it?” So I told him as much as I enjoyed our conversations I wasn`t really interested in meeting up.Another message…..”Well shame on you!! You`ve been leading me on! We`ve been chatting for a couple of weeks and now you`re refusing to see me?!”  Wow! I soon recovered and sent this message….and yes I was fuming! “Woah…let`s rewind here B! We were chatting a few weeks ago when you were busy lining up your nice lady friend and there was no indication of any interest….that didn`t work out for you so when you came back on here and saw I was still here you thought Great! Plan B!! But because I`ve knocked you back…shame on me?? SHAME ON YOU!!….and don`t bother replying…you`re blocked!” For god`s sake…..losing the will to live……..