Table for One please….

It`s not ideal is it? Going out on your own, restaurants,cinema and the odd holiday but when you`ve recently moved to a new place that`s exactly what you have to do while you`re trying to make new friends.
A couple of weeks ago I decided to go along to a new comedy night at The Mark Addy in Manchester.As it was on a Wednesday night that suited me just fine, so after paying a fiver (which was good value considering there was four comedians on) I got myself a table and waited for  the fun to start.Obviously people around were in groups or couples and god only knows what they were thinking of someone who`d come out on her own but let`s face it….if you`re going to worry what anyone thinks you`d never get past your own front door so I don`t let that bother me.
Obviously not everyone has the same sense of humour so I was hoping I`d find at least one of them funny.I`d heard of Mick Ferry who was on as I`d seen him at the Comedy Store at Deansgate Locks and thought he was quite funny, the rest…well I was yet to find out. The MC is Smug Roberts (so I`m guessing he`s going to be there every time) who I have to say is hilarious and was sorry to see him leave the stage to make way for John Warburton.Now this guy has a string of accolades proclaiming him to be best comic, newcomer,up and coming and all the rest and he didn`t disappoint.As he was making fun of Salford everyone could relate so he had us all on-side.So, two down and two to go.The next one was a Canadian lady Allyson June-Smith.Now I wasn`t expecting to like her as I don`t usually like the in-your-face approach so she was going to have to be good to impress me…and she was.I was pleasantly surprised to find her quite funny, and then of course Mick Ferry completed the line-up.
So for a fiver I`d been entertained all evening at The Captain`s Comedy Club ,it finished early enough to get the last tram home, it`s on a Wednesday night, every month, so what`s not to like? I`m definately going to be there at the next one on Wednesday 30th….hopefully not a  table for one though….