The Butter Dish

I actually miss talking to “S”. I say talking but most of the time I was just listening and before you think why did I stop there is a reason. Having messaged back and forth for a while and a couple of phone calls we agreed where to meet, which was a nice bar with good food. S had already said he was going to pay ( this was going to be a first) so that already put him in my good books. As we sat down and got into conversation I found he was really easy to get on with and the time went really quickly,S had already told me he was going on a ski-trip with “the lads” (no-one under 50) at the weekend  so we sort of left it a bit vague as to when we would next meet up. The next day I had a couple of txts and the same on Friday but then on Friday evening I received a phone call from him and he just went on and on for 10 minutes about the gas bill he’d had, I don’t  think I said 2 words to him, he was so angry! When I put the phone down I did think it was a bit like listening to an old woman.
The next day was Saturday so as I knew S was going on holiday I was a bit surprised to receive a phone call.”Just setting off for the airport J”  “Ok, well have a good time, see you when you get back.” Gay hubby and I decided to do a bit of shopping in the afternoon  and we were wandering around the home section at Next when I had another call. This gave hubby the perfect excuse to go chasing after some scally he’d got his eye on.”Just boarding the plane now J! Shall I tell you what I`m wearing?” And I had the full outfit described to me which I have to say I found just a little bit worrying. When hubby showed up I told him. “Really? Think you might have missed something there.” I was beginning to think the same because I remembered on my date with S he’d been telling me about a butter dish he’d bought and that it was literally his pride and joy, seriously. If there was ever a fire that would be the one thing he would save and apparently he`d been looking for YEARS for a suitable butter dish. After a phone call from him telling me he’d landed in Austria I didn’t hear a thing until he got back.
On his return I had a txt as hubby and I were having breakfast. “Ask him to send you a picture of his butter dish”, so I did. A few minutes later I received a picture of it placed to show off it’s best side on the balcony, with a caption that said “I love it!!”  Hubby looked at me.”Think you`d better look for someone else J, don’t know why he’s on your dating site, he’d be better off on mine.” As everyone knows who are on these sites it’s usually naked bits that guys want to send pics of so I had to agree. Obviously I couldn’t actually say that I thought he was gay so I just dwindled the replies to txts, etc until we’d stopped, but I do miss listening to him sometimes as it was a bit like chatting with the girls, but the butter dish? A step too far.