The Chase….aka What the Hell Is Going On???….

Well where do I start with this one? Believe it or not once a date has been arranged anything can happen in the time leading up to actually meeting…..usually a cancellation. For whatever reason this is always done by a txt message, god forbid they actually tell you in a phone call….I suppose that is just one step away from lying to your face, so I tend to restrain my excitement about meeting someone until the event happens.
“T” and I had arranged to meet for a coffee in Manchester so I really didn`t expect a txt cancelling the date when I was actually on the tram on the way in! Unfortunately he had to take his mum for her hospital appointment as his sister was on holiday (she usually takes her) really sorry, etc….Well I can`t argue with that can I? We arranged to meet a couple of days later when he left me a message on the POF site…..”Sorry should have told you I`m not too good at the minute, been off work,hopefully we can do this in a couple of months time”….so I had to question wether he had any intention to meet up…..
Then there was “D”.He was one of the funniest guys I`d been chatting with and I was looking forward to meeting up but nothing had been mentioned after a couple of weeks so I decided to approach the subject. You`d have thought I`d just chucked a bucket of scalding hot water over him by the response I got…..”Oh my god no I can`t! I`ve been ill, anxiety issues,low confidence don`t want to meet anyone!” Right,I get the picture D….and shortly after that he deleted his profile. A couple of weeks later a guy got in touch on POF and it wasn`t long before I realised it was D with a whole new name and profile. When I asked him why he just said it was a bit of fun but would I like to meet up? On the day of the date (you know what`s coming) I was just setting off out of the door when I got the txt “Sorry, can`t do it”…..and no I definately didn`t reply…
Which brings me to Steve,this week`s nut-job.We`ve exchanged lengthy emails,he seems really nice,(don`t they all) and we arranged to meet up one Sunday evening a couple of weeks ago.On the Friday I recieved a POF message from him but his picture had been deleted.
“I think it`s only fair that I should let you know that a member on this site whom I have been chatting with for the last 5 weeks has suggested we meet up on Saturday. I just wanted to tell you this as you seem a nice lady and I believe in total honesty,I just wish we had got to know each other sooner and maybe then it would be you I was meeting with on Saturday. The lady has asked me to keep off this site  and wanted me to remove my profile and photos which I thought was a bit harsh as I haven`t even met her yet but I`m going to respect her wish and do just that but hide it as deleting it will cause me to lose my paid membership. So if I do a disappearing act you know why, but if I find myself free after Saturday and you`re still around maybe we could still meet up….”
Yes you all read that correctly. the guy actually hands over money to be on this freak show! Apart from the obvious question….why not meet both of us?? Anyway I recieved another message the next day
“I hope you`re well, you know I said I was going on a date, well things have changed today.The woman has sent me a message asking why I had come on to the site yesterday. When I said it was to check messages she accused me of being a player and being married and when I went to reply to that accusation she`d blocked me! So I was wondering are you still free on Sunday?”
I had the feeling that something wasn`t quite right and in fact this was actually a BIG CLUE as to what was coming but hubby was all for it…”You should go, he seems ok” This is the hubby who`s having worse problems than me on his own dating site so to me that wasn`t quite the recommendation I was after…..
Anyway we arranged for friday and after txting and a phone call on Wednesday to which there was no reply I checked POF….and he`d got a whole new profile with a new name but hadn`t got the brains to delete the messages he`d sent me so that`s how I found out……tell you what….I can get a degree in how the devious mind works by the time I`ve finished on here…….