Too Picky…..

I`m often getting accused of this and yes, I make no excuse, I certainly am.Always have been (bar once) and always will be so it doesn`t make things any easier on POF where guys who should know better think they`re still God`s gift and they`re doing you a favour even looking at your profile…..As most of the guys are lacking in the looks department I`ve got to hope that something will make me fancy him, but one guy got it all wrong a few days ago with this….
“Hi! How are you this evening?” So after looking at his profile which said geniune, looking to date,honest, (all the usual guff) I replied. “Fine thanks just watching rubbish tv.You?” “Yeah same, so where do you live in Manchester,I`m in Stockport?” So I told him and got this, “Oh you`re quite close to me! We could meet for a coffee…”  “Well that`s if I wanted to meet you”…..He obviously wasn`t a time-waster as his next message was “So are you putting the kettle on then?”  “No not tonight, are you serious?” “Yes”….I thought for a minute. Surely he couldn`t mean it? “Seriously do you think I`m going to let a total stranger into my house?” He replied “Yes. Don`t see what the problem is…” I won`t tell you what I replied but I looked at his profile again. No-where did it say  raving lunatic……..
I don`t think I`m the only one who`s picky though. Most people who are divorced won`t tolerate any bad behaviour, emotional manipulation or drama and because we`re less naive we`re more cautious. Some people have suggested I go for someone completely different to my normal type. This is hard because I feel as though I`d be “settling” for someone just because we`re both older. I`m not looking for a companion I`ve got gay hubby for that. He cooks, cleans, he`s good company and we like the same (rubbish) tv…and like a lot of married couples we don`t have sex. In fact we`re quite happy, in a lot of ways he`s a hard act to follow……