Valentine’s day! Who needs it?

Well apparently quite a few guys on Plenty of Frogs do. I thought it was a bit strange when I received more than the usual quota of messages over the weekend, until I looked at some of the profiles and then the penny dropped. “Available for Valentine’s day” “Would love to wine and dine you on Valentine’s day” “Be my Valentine” and my favourite “I’ve booked the table” You may as well have said “I’ve booked the church” either way I won’t be attending. I’m sure some of the women are also guilty of this but why put yourself under that pressure of eating in a restaurant with a stranger on a certain date just to prove to the world (who don’t care) that you’re with someone? It just seems so…..desperate.

A few years ago A friend of mine (female) suggested we book a table on Valentine’s day just for the two of us at the local pub as she fancied what was on the menu. After a few wines we decided we`d book it for 4 people and “borrow” 2 young guys who worked there, until we realised they probably wouldn’t be seen dead with us so I thought of something else. At the time I was working in the town centre and W H Smith were always advertising the latest dvd release with cardboard cut-outs of whoever was in it. The one that week was Men in Black 2 so Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were at the front of the shop begging me to take them on this meal on Valentines day. After a lot of persuasion the manager let me have them so on the night a restaurant full of couples were greeted with the sight of 2 women who should have known better and 2 life size cardboard cut-outs sat at a table enjoying themselves. One guy was so impressed he sent over a bottle of champagne. Unfortunately Will and Tommy Lee were not drinking that night which meant we didn’t have to share the champagne, and as much as I’d like to say that they were well behaved it was Will who was sat in a corner with a cigarette hanging from his mouth by the end of the night flirting with the ladies. But what a great night we had.

Let’s just say it was a good job that it wasn’t Shrek that was released that week.p29160_p_v8_al

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