At one time it was important for someone you were looking for to have a “good sense of humour”…..well that`s not good enough now,oh no……all these guys I`m looking at have gone up a gear…..they`ve all got a WICKED sense of humour…..or so they think.Take “M”….(someone….please!) Apparently he`s a squirrel tamer,lives in a 5-bedroom tent in the middle of no where and can`t get his central heating to work.He earns £1,000 pounds a day by picking up cigarette butts off the pavement and selling them to prison inmates but donates all the money to charity. Doesn`t have a car but has a double-decker bus which is hired out to hen parties ONLY!! Very sporty person and plays dodge the store detective 6 days a week. His hobby is body-building but this is getting harder as he gets older as he can`t find that many good grave robbers these days. Favourite holiday destination is Strangeways and tries to get there at least 4 months in every year. Loves to visit friends when he can….usually at tea-time and also on Sundays when he knows the washing machine is on. He`s got 17 children from 20 different mothers and yes…he doesn`t remember all their names. He got a job working for Greenpeace but left after 5 minutes when he realised he`d been employed by the sexually transmitted disease clinic. Gets away every weekend doing fun things….cheeky sense of humour,enjoys a good laugh the type that will have tears streaming down your face……(huh? Now where have I heard that before??) Sometimes….(get ready)…..he can do mad and crazy things that someone his age should not be doing like climbing into a wheelie bin to hide then popping out like Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men!! Apparently it was a new bin….he`s got the photos to prove it! So…..if any of us ladies have a wicked sense of humour we can bounce off each other…oh…..and must be very tactile as he does like to walk along hand in hand and cuddle up close whenever possible.  Well!! Don`t know about Strangeways for a holiday I`m thinking of a more secure unit involving a straight-jacket…..I tell you what….if ever someone did that to me (jumping out of a wheelie bin) I`d push `em back in and put a bloody rock on top of it so that couldn`t get out…….Is it just me??…….

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